Queens Wine Bar and bistro – 8-10 Queen Ave, L2 4TX


Please note this menu is served from 2pm onwards. 



Sourdough, smoked Garlic Butter £4

carrot financier

Carrot financier, whipped goats cheese, beetroot, carrot caramel,  hazelnuts £8

Fried Duck Heart

Fried duck heart, sourdough, cafe de paris, radicchio £8


Burrata, celeriac, black olive caramel, wild rice, hazelnut £8.5


marinated anchovies, fried bread, aioli, hazelnut £7

Cured trout

Cured trout, fennel, apple, hung yogurt, sourdough croutons £9 

Parmesa beignet

Parmesa beignet, onion broth, sherry vinegar, puree £8.5

Roasted Beetroots

Roasted Beetroots, celeriac puree, pear, hazelnut (VE) £8.5



Gnocchi cauliflower, grape mostarda, almond and parmesan espuma £15

Guinea au vin

Guinea au vin, bread sauce, cavalo nero £16

lamb barnsley chop

Lamb Barnsley chop, braised courgettes, swiss chard, green sauce, aioli £19

Roasted cod

Roasted Cod, smoked aubergine puree, sauce americane £18

8oz sirloin

8oz sirloin, gentleman’s relish, choice of butter and watercress £22

Whole plaice

Whole Plaice, brown butter, capers, almonds, chives,  watercress, chips £17

mushroom frites

Mushroom Frites, truffle and peppercorn sauce, chips, watercress (VE) £13 


Smoked Garlic Carrots

Carrots, smoked garlic honey, toasted hazelnuts, chives £5.5

Hand cut chips

Hand Cut Chips £4

Green Salad

Green Salad £4

Hispi Cabbage

Hispi Cabbage, pancetta, sherry, onions £6

Tunworth Cauliflower Cheese

Tunworth Cauliflower Cheese, puffed wild rice £6


Basque Cheesecake

Basque Cheesecake served with raspberries £6

Malt & dark chocolate tart

Malt & dark chocolate tart, Chantilly  £6

Creme Caramel

Creme Caramel £6

Rum baba

Rum baba, miso custard, cherries served with £8

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